How to Hold Webinar Everyone Would Follow till the End?

 successful webinar

So, you are getting ready to webinar holding: you select the topic, prepare your keynote and gather your audience. Sure thing, you would like it to welcome as many attendees as possible and they’d better stay at the webinar from the very beginning until the end. But what should you do in case the number of attendees is gradually becoming less towards the end of the event?

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How to Hold a Paid Webinar?

paid webinar

Paid or closed webinars are perfect for online training and consultation. They are indispensable for tutors or teachers, consultants, coaches that provide their services through the Internet. Here we will talk about how to organize and hold a paid webinar.

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10 Tips to Keep Visitor Attention During Webinar


Frankly speaking, keeping attendees at the webinar is more difficult compared to a live presentation. When at an offline event, visitors may feel uncomfortable when leaving. But to leave a webinar, it is enough to simply close the web browser tab. How can the audience’s attention be retained from the first till the last minute of the broadcast? Here are 10 ways to achieve it.

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How to Measure Webinar Effectiveness


It often happens that webinar effectiveness is measured with the help of money value, i.e. whether it has brought money or not. Yet, in addition to this, there are some more metrics, which are of no less importance. Read this article to learn how to measure webinar success, what metrics should use and how you can meter and improve them.

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Webinars as Online Marketing Tool

webinar as marketing instrument

Marketing offers numerous tools. Some of them are intended for attracting clients, while others target retaining them. Tools for sales facilitation and target audience analysis exist, too. Webinar is a tool helping to cope with the minimum of 7 marketing tasks.

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10 Reasons to Hold Webinars this Fall


Fall is a traditional season to start learning. But not only schoolchildren and students start doing this. Grown-ups become active when it comes to attending courses, trainings and seminars. Why not use this period of time for holding webinars? Further, we offer 10 arguments supporting holding online seminars this fall.

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Equipment for Webinars: What Do You Need for a Webinar?

Equipment for Webinars

One of the most important stages in webinar organisation is selection and setup of the necessary webinar equipment. It appears that impressions about the brightest and interesting presentation can be ruined by bad sound, unclear picture or any other technical problems.

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7 Mistakes of Webinar Presenters and Ways of Avoiding Them


Webinars have long ago become an effective channel for the promotion of numerous products and services. Yet, along with successful webinars there exist lots of online seminars, the results of which are far from what has been expected. In this article, 7 most widely spread webinar mistakes will be considered and the best ways of solving them will be offered.

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