Implementing Webinars: 10 Valuable Guidelines

Implementing webinars
Every company taking care of its own development and flourishing faces the matter of effective personnel training. Many have understood already that simply providing a tutor to offer a new employee introductory training is not enough and implementing webinars is the best step now.

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What Makes a Webinar Great? Best Practices

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Webinars are one of the key elements of modern business. With this tool, you may attract new clients, increase the profitability of your business or, on the contrary, lose your achievements. There are components at each stage that play a decisive role in the outcome of a webinar. So, let’s analyze what makes a webinar successful. What makes a webinar great?

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How to Make Money with Webinars


There are many articles online that teach how to earn with webinars. Unfortunately, some of them form a false impression that making money with webinars is easy. They claim that all you need is going live online and this is expected to bring floods of clients to you. Sure thing, this is far from reality. In order not to simply host webinars, but to earn money with webinars, you need to use special rules. We have outlined 8 rules that will be helpful in organizing and holding a really useful webinar that would bring you a lot of sales.

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Webinar Branding: Importance and Benefits


What are webinars and why should you consider a webinar branding? The term webinar is short for web-based seminar. It is simply a live meeting that takes place over the internet. Webinars can take many different forms including presentations, workshops, or lectures which are conducted through the use of video conferencing software. Since branding entails having control over the way your customer perceives you, it is important to strategically create a brand experience in order to make your webinars serve your business objectives and convey your message in a compelling way.

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How to Hold Webinar Everyone Would Follow till the End?

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So, you are getting ready to webinar holding: you select the topic, prepare your keynote and gather your audience. Sure thing, you would like it to welcome as many attendees as possible and they’d better stay at the webinar from the very beginning until the end. But what should you do in case the number of attendees is gradually becoming less towards the end of the event?

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How to Hold a Paid Webinar?

paid webinar

Paid or closed webinars are perfect for online training and consultation. They are indispensable for tutors or teachers, consultants, coaches that provide their services through the Internet. Here we will talk about how to organize and hold a paid webinar.

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10 Tips to Keep Visitor Attention During Webinar


Frankly speaking, keeping attendees at the webinar is more difficult compared to a live presentation. When at an offline event, visitors may feel uncomfortable when leaving. But to leave a webinar, it is enough to simply close the web browser tab. How can the audience’s attention be retained from the first till the last minute of the broadcast? Here are 10 ways to achieve it.

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