Equipment for Webinars

Equipment for Webinars

One of the most important stages in webinar organisation is selection and setup of the necessary webinar equipment. It appears that impressions about the brightest and interesting presentation can be ruined by bad sound, unclear picture or any other technical problems.

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7 Mistakes of Webinar Presenters and Ways of Avoiding Them


Webinars have long ago become an effective channel for promotion of numerous products and services. Yet, along with successful webinars there exist lots of online seminars, the results of which are far from what has been expected. In this article, 7 most widely spread webinar mistakes will be considered and the best ways of solving them will be offered.

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How to Host a Webinar on Your Own Website

It would be great if participation in a webinar could be a breeze for your attendees. One of the ways to make them feel that is letting them watch webinars directly on your website. Well, for this purpose you will need only one thing – integration of our service into your own website. It cannot be made easier than that! The whole procedure takes several minutes, not more.

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