Webinar Service or YouTube: What to Choose?

YouTube Live

Live broadcasts and webinars are being used more and more to grow businesses and personal brands. You are more likely to see a brand rather than your friends broadcasting on Facebook and YouTube.

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Webinar Hosting Companies

webinar company

When choosing a webinar hosting company, you should focus on your needs. In a variety of features, you should pick those most important to you. We want to help you with that. Here are 8 webinar hosting companies you should consider in our opinion.

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Webinar Platform: Selection Peculiarities


Modern Internet can hardly be imagined with no webinars, which are an online analog to educational conferences and seminars. They have become a solid part of the marketing and sales system of many companies. Yet, particularly good track record they have got in distance learning.

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8 Best Webinar Providers

Webinar provider

Today webinars popularity increases rapidly. The reason is that the modern community goes toward complete simplification of information exchange and, consequently, exists in constant pursuit of new knowledge, new tricks and new ways for better achievements. All technical inventions serve for easiness, saving time and money. Businessmen do their best for promotion.

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Web Conferencing Software

web conference software

Currently, there is a great variety of software for web conferencing. All they offer a set of important features to make web conferencing effective and engaging. Due to a severe competition on the web conferencing software market, they make enormous improvements day by day. As a result, we now have great chances to organize our conferences online without any difficulties and obstacles enjoying all possible and previously impossible conveniences.

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Popular Webinar Software

webinar software

Today you can find a wide range of different webinar software. All of them offer versatile features that make your webinars effective. The only difficult thing is to choose the right service that will satisfy all your needs for your particular purpose and event.

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Services for Presentation Creation

presentation creation

In this article, we have gathered popular applications for presentation creation and compared them by their key features. We hope that the presented information will help you to choose the best service with no additional time lost.

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Desktop Sharing Software

desctop sharing

Desktop sharing is a useful feature allowing for broadcasting the picture from your computer desktop to other users in real time. It offers a possibility to demonstrate photos, tables, files and software operation, generally anything happening on your desktop during the broadcast.

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Reviewing The Lost Art of the Great Speech by Richard Dowis

public speech

The success of a public speech depends on many factors: logics of the speech, its richness, correct mimics, visual contact with an audience, even on the speaker’s appearance. The Richard Dowis’s book The Lost Art of the Great Speech covers all aspects of public speeches, from preliminary preparations to writing speech theses and answers to the questions from the audience.

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