Popular Webinar Software 2020

webinar software

Today in 2020 you can find a wide range of different webinar software. All of them offer versatile features that make your webinars effective. The only difficult thing is to choose the right service that will satisfy all your needs for your particular purpose and event.

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The Best Video Conferencing Platforms for 2020

video conference platforms

On the market, there are a huge number of diverse platforms that will help you to organize video conferences and other online events. But how can one make the right choice and select the best software that would meet one’s current demands and goals? Today we are going to make an overview of the top 7 popular video conferencing platforms of 2020, among which you will possibly find the one that fits your most.

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PowerPoint vs. Keynote vs. Google Slides: Which Software Will Help You Create a Stunning Presentation?


When you are working on your business presentation, you want to make sure that everything is simply perfect. However, many people, and you are not an exception, concentrate on such things as speech, performance style, and even dress code, which is actually the right thing to do. But thinking about all these things, you might forget about one tiny, yet extremely important detail, which is your actual presentation.

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Best Webex Alternatives in 2019

Webex alternatives

Webex Cisco is a popular platform for conducting video meetings, webinars, webcasts, and online trainings. Recently it’s been dubbed the editor’s choice by the PC Magazine, however, is it really the ultimate solution out there? Let’s consider in this article.

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Best GoToMeeting Alternatives in 2019

Best GoToMeeting Alternatives

GoToMeeting, despite being a pretty popular and neat video conferencing platform, is definitely not the be-all and end-all of the industry. There are plenty of other fantastic services that pose serious competition to the established name in 2020.

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10 Staggering PPT Templates For Presenting Like a Pro

Presentation templates

In the modern world, it’s all about presenting information the right way. You may have the greatest facts and insights to share, but fail to nail it down if the means of presentation that you use is weak. On the other side, if you use the right means, you need less effort to deliver your message and get the information devoured.

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Conferences with Skype for Business vs. MyOwnConference

conference via skype

Although last year Microsoft announced its plans to replace Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, at the moment both tools work and remain popular. Today we shall compare Skype for Business with MyOwnConference. We’ll also take a look at Skype Meeting Broadcast and find out which solution works best for your conferences and webinars.

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How to Use SEO Software to Create Winner Webinars


It takes a lot of time, money and effort to create an interesting, quality webinar. Luckily for you, there are ways to simplify and automate many important steps. In this article, you will find out how to create webinars easily by using SEO tools and services.

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