Webinars for People with Disabilities: A Simple Step Towards Inclusion

Webinars for People with Disabilities
Webinars offer great opportunities for people with disabilities. They make it easier to study, work, hold online meetings, get extra income, and realize your potential. This article will share feedback from clients and participants of webinars, online seminars, and conferences.

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How to Convert Webinar Attendees to Customers

Convert webinar attendees

Every smart webinar creator pursues a defined goal. Some want to make money off their educational content. Some organize webinars to train employees. However, an overwhelming number of webinar creators strive to convert their attendees into paying customers. In this article we shall discuss how to do it most effectively both in the short and long term.

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Choosing Camera and Microphone for a Webinar


The camera and microphone are the main equipment for webinars, online courses, and video conferences. It’s important to choose these tools just as carefully as a webinar platform.
It is not enough to rely on the quality guarantees of webinar services – your equipment is just as important for the event’s success.

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How to Create an Engaging Webinar Presentation

create webinar presentation

Everyone who organizes a webinar wants to make it successful, i.e. interesting, impressive, and informative. They want their audience to learn about the product through the lens of professional speakers, buy the product, and recommend it to others. It is common knowledge that the best advertisement is people’s recommendations, as they come across as much more trustworthy and natural.

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12 Popular Topics for Webinars

webinar topic

Selecting the topic of a future webinar could be a nightmare for a starting presenter, since it needs to be both interesting for them and marketable for the target audience. We have prepared 12 trendy topics that are most frequently discussed and searched for on the web.

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