7 Most Popular Business Webinars Types

Webinar types

In today’s business world, the importance of webinars cannot be ignored. With various tools out there to facilitate a smooth webinar, your business meetings, seminars, and events can be conducted remotely. If you are researching on how to organize the perfect business webinar for your team or partners, then you should not look too far.

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Should I Use A Webinar To Sell My New Book? Author Questions Answered

sell book

It’s an interesting time for ambitious authors. Anyone with a story can share it with the world, promoting it through social media, blogging, podcasting, etc. That said, there’s so much content around that it’s hard to stand out. Authors with ambition need to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities available to them.

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10 Perfect Webinar Landing Page Examples

Webinar Landing Page

A landing page is often overlooked, but an incredibly powerful method of boosting the number of leads and registrations. A landing page is a web page where users typically land after clicking on a particular ad or link, such as an ad for the upcoming webinar. It can contain the event’s title, its main benefits, information about the speakers, and, most importantly, a CTA (call-to-action) button.

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Presentation Skills Required to Give a Webinar Presentation

Presentation Skills

Presenting is speaking in front of people to explain a topic/ idea/ view, etc. to your audience. Presentation skills are important as every individual has to face circumstances in which he or she has to explain their perspective to others. Presenting can be explaining any topic; it is not limited to business or colleges only.

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How to Build a Webinar Sales Funnel

What is the Sales funnel

Let’s say you want to go beyond building awareness and enjoying the attention of possibly hundreds of people. Let’s say you want to do the difficult part, which is convincing people that your product/service is worth their hard-earned money.

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How To Use Webinars To Improve Business Productivity

Improve Business Productivity

If you use email or social media, then you’ve seen the solicitations from business owners to join this or that webinar. You may have been tempted to sign up or actually took the leap because the topic interested you enough.

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