Getting Ready for Webinar

webinar preparation

You have gathered attendees for your webinar, got your keynote ready and hardware prepared. But what are you supposed to do before the webinar so that everything runs smoothly and productively? We have prepared a checklist that will draw your attention to important factors at different webinar preparation stages so you don’t miss anything. Let’s dive right in!

Let’s Hold Your Event in a Calmer

2 days before the webinar

👉 Adjust reminder emails to attendees

Before the webinar, you might need to remind your attendees about the webinar two or three times, and send the link to access it. Let’s face it, everyone is busy with their own lives. Even if they really want to attend your webinar, it is very easy to forget about it if you don’t send a reminder email before the actual event.

Reminder emails can be prepared using a special service for email campaigns or with the help of the mailing function that some webinar platforms offer.

👉 Take care of your appearance

Your appearance is just as important as the content of your webinar. This is because your look can easily distract the audience from your presentation, which would be a waste of your time and theirs.

To be safe, it’s better to put on monochrome clothes. Striped or plaid shirts or blouses create unpleasant flickering on video. Clothes should not cause any discomfort or distract attention. So, put on clothes you feel comfortable wearing which will not take away the focus of your attendees.

👉 Preparation of the background

Take care of what your attendees see in the background during your webinar. Do not sit against a wall with small elements — flickering will also happen. Choose a one-color background. Make sure it corresponds to the business or brand style, if any. For instance, sitting close to shelves full of books for business webinars would be a better idea than making a presentation with flower-dotted wallpapers in the background.

One day before the webinar

👉 Upload your presentation

Add the presentation and all related materials to the webinar service. As a rule, some time is required to convert files on the webinar platform, so it is important to upload the files beforehand. After the files are uploaded, check whether they are displayed correctly.

👉 Test your equipment

This is the most important step in webinar preparation. You can avoid most technical problems during webinars by simply running an equipment check. The truth is a lot of things can go wrong when it comes to online events. It is important to be sure everything is working perfectly before the day of the webinar. Most webinar services offer an equipment testing feature. If the test reveals any problems, you will still have enough time to fix them.

60 minutes before the webinar

👉 Check speakers’ sound and video broadcasting

Offer the presenters that are going to speak at the webinar using their webcams and microphones an opportunity to run an equipment check as well. This will help to decrease the number of technical complications during the webinar.

30 minutes before the webinar

👉 Make a greeting at the webinar

If attendees enter the webinar before the event starts, sure thing, looking at an empty screen is really not ideal. So, while attendees are still joining the webinar room, you could start playing a selection of musical compositions or a welcoming video. This way, they are sure they’re in the right place and it shows you’re ready to receive them.

👉 Unload your Internet connection

Another important step of the webinar preparation is an internet speed check. Stop all downloads and apps that could influence the speed of your Internet connectivity. It is very important to ensure your internet speed is at its best for the webinar.

20 minutes before the webinar

👉 Switch off noise sources

Get rid of any background noises. Activate silent mode on your phone. Switch off notifications on your computer. Ask your colleagues or other people staying in the same room with you not to disturb you. Basically, just make sure no noise will distract you or your attendees during the webinar.

👉 Pour a glass of water

When talking, your throat may become dry. Water or some other drink could help you to keep your voice clear and bright for a longer time. You wouldn’t want to pause the webinar to go and get that glass of water so why not get it shortly before the webinar begins?

5 minutes before the start

👉 Turn on the webinar recording

When the webinar starts, you can easily forget about the necessity of recording your webinar. This is why it is reasonable to start recording at least one to five minutes before the broadcast. It would be tragic to reach the end of your webinar and realize you forgot to record the whole thing. There is no way to get that back, so don’t risk it, start recording before the webinar actually starts.

In summary

Well, that’s it, you are now ready for the webinar. Such thorough preparation can help you hold your event in a calmer, more confident and more productive manner. Wishing you many successful webinars!

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